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Half Price Wings
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Steak Sandwich
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Half Price Apps
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Wing and Rib Combo
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Back Rib Day at St. Louis
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Sundays Special
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  • Half Price Wings
  • Steak Sandwich
  • Half Price Apps
  • Wing and Rib Combo
  • Back Rib Day at St. Louis
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Chicken Wings: Mississauga

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If you're like me, you're on a life-long search for the perfect wings. Mississauga has a lot of great restaurants, and it's been a pleasure sampling wings at many of them – but I'm happy to say that I've finally found the wings of my dreams at my Mississauga neighbourhood bar and grill.
Chances are, there's a fun and friendly bar and grill in your community. The company, a proud 100% Canadian-owned enterprise, has locations throughout Ontario and is expanding to other provinces. This variety of bar and grill is renowned for its friendly staff and its comfortable, casual atmosphere. These neighbourhood eateries welcome families, groups of sports fans and co-workers, friends out on the town, and anyone who enjoys wonderful food at great prices.
And…their specialty is chicken wings!
Wings, Proudly Canadian Style
At your neighbourhood bar and grill, you'll find wings for every conceivable taste. Top quality wings are marinated, and then cooked to perfection and served with a side of signature golden, crispy fries. Along with each pound of wings, the restaurant supplies a generous helping of their Famous Garlic Dill Sauce. If you're a wings fan, this bar and grill is the place for you.
Wings are available in two types: Original or Boneless. From there, the choices get tougher – the restaurant offers twenty different flavours of wings! At my local Mississauga bar and grill they offer: Cajun, Salt & Pepper, Mild Dry, Medium Dry, Hot Sweet, Asian, Hot, Hot & Honey, Caribbean Jerk, Honey BBQ, Chili Lime, Mild, Saucy, Medium Saucy, Sweet Asian BBQ, Buffalo Ranch, Honey Garlic, Garlic Parm, Hotter Than Hell, Suicide, Smoked BBQ Heat, and Authentic Buffalo.
Wings are also categorized according to texture, from Dry Spice to Mildly Sauced to Saucy to Very Saucy. And each variety of wings is rated for heat, with a code of from zero to five peppers indicating the amount of spiciness.
I have to admit that I've tried most of the flavours on the menu, and plan to go back until I've tried them all. If you are a wing enthusiast too, you will find that your fun and friendly neighbourhood bar and grill in Mississauga can become a home away from home!
Daily Specials
This Mississauga bar and grill offers affordable prices every day, and they also feature daily specials that can help you save even more. Wings aficionados take note: Tuesday nights are Half-Price Wings nights! Other specials include Wings and a Personal Pitcher all day Mondays, Pint and A Pound on Sundays, and the Wings and Rib Combo on Friday nights. Specials on Ribs, Steak Sandwiches, Premium Pints, and Appetizers are featured on other nights of the week. They also offer lunch specials.
And of course, this Bar and Grill has an extensive menu that features much more than just wings. Try their Bacon Cheeseburger, made with 100% Angus Beef and served with fries and all the trimmings. Or enjoy delicious and hearty entrees like Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, Fish and Chips, or some of the franchise's signature slow-roasted and grilled Ribs. Other menu items include a wide range of Appetizers, from Calamari to Bacon-Wrapped Mac and Cheese, Poutine, and a huge variety of Sandwiches and Salads.
Visit your fun and friendly Mississauga bar and grill, or if you are not in Mississauga look for your local 100% proudly Canadian franchised bar and grill. A word of caution though, it may just become your favourite restaurant, too.
*Some restrictions apply, see restaurants for details.
Which would you prefer?
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